About the participation of RISS expert in the conference on «soft power»

Chief advisor to RISS Director V. Kozin made a report at the international scientific conference titled «Soft power and cultural diplomacy in the 21st century» on issues of improving the effectiveness of information and explanatory work in the Russian Federation in the context of similar activities of leading Western countries.

RISS expert also spoke about the deployment of anti-missile system and nuclear weapons and missiles of the USA in the distant future. The event was held on November 11, 2015 at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

Kozin put forward a number of practical proposals aimed at improving the quality of information and explanatory work in the Russian Federation. Expert talked about active and focused involvement of the state, political, diplomatic and public human capacity to the presentation of the views of the Russian military-political leadership on various aspects of contemporary international life, particularly on issues relating to regional and global stability; fighting terrorism sponsored by some countries of the world; cessation of the arms race imposed by the leading countries-members of NATO led by the United States; showing features of the new phase of the cold war. According to V. Kozin, all these suggestions made at the conference could help adequately respond to new challenges in the world.

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