Family based solutions as a strategy for overcoming depopulation

Family is a basic group that only can reproduce Love and Life

(Budapest Demographic Forum. 5-7 November 2015)

Many thanks for this opportunity to speak here. I’m sure this important event will make a great contribution to understanding current demographic problems and their consequences.

As we know family is a basic group that only can reproduce Love and Life. But today this unique family role is ignored by the state, media and business.

What the reason?  I think the main reason is anti-family policy on international level. Many international organizations such as the United Nations, global corporations and influential opinion formers, continue to spread hysteria on so called overpopulation.

But, current demographic statistics show us that for the last half century there has been a continuous decline in population growth. (SLIDE 2) Instead so called overpopulation we received depopulation.

This epidemic of fertility decline has affected all, countries and continents. Throughout the last four decades, fertility rates have been declining disastrously - in both developed and developing countries. (SLIDE 3)

The number of countries with fertility rates below replacement level has grown from 13 in 1970 to more than 100 today. This accounts almost 50 % of all humanity.

SLIDE 4:   This slide demonstrates the change in fertility over the past 20 years (1990–2010) in the ten most populous countries. It vividly illustrates the onrushing demographic disaster.

It should be noted that these “Top Ten” countries cover almost all continents and include followers of all major religions. The total population of the Top Ten is more than 4,2 billion which is the majority of the world’s population.

(SLIDE 5). Unfortunately demographic winter is just beginning. Most forecasts promise a continuing rapid decline in fertility and in the replacement of generations.

Advocates of anti-family policy and birth-control argue that there is a lack of space for new people. However, current world population is only 7 billion people   (SLIDES 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

By using simple mathematical calculations it can be easily proven that the present world population of 7 billion people could comfortably fit into the space of such countries as Australia, Chile, France, Spain or even Texas. 

Let me show you another facts:

From 1960 to 1998 world population has almost doubled but over the same period in rich and poor countries food production has tripled. In fact over the past forty years we have seen no growth in food shortages and almost double the fall in food prices.

SLIDE 11: Every year on our planet we waste or throw out nearly 1.3 billion tons of food. That is 1.4 tons for each person who is now hungry, according to UN data.

So, what do we need? Good Family policy?  No!  We need good pro-family policy!

Not only in social area, but in all directions of the state policy – economy, education, healthcare, media.

We also need the truth about population facts!

We need the view inside the family. I mean that it needs participation of the parents of large families in political and legislation process. Not formal participation, but active and real.

And, of course, I completely agree with Mr. Laszlo Marki, who proposed in Brussels in the end of September this year that voting rights should be extended to minor aged citizens, whereby this right should be exercised by those who raise them – this would force politics to pay more attention to the needs of families

We need also safety for family on information field. Firstly I mean TV and Internet. It needs to implement to legislation clear definition about what is dangerous for demographic and family development.

We need family approach instead moral destruction.

SLIDE 12: Look at this slide and you can see the discrimination of the families with children. At the same time so called gay friendly business  is developing.

Let me be open with you. Homosexual ideology, including so called same-sex marriage is incompatible with Natural Family. That is why final goal of gay activists is a destruction of the family. Gay-lobby is not a protection of the rights. Moreover gay-ideology is not about human rights, but it’s a new kind of dictatorship… worse than fascism and communism.

If we let them win we will commit a terrible crime against future generations. It would be a fatal mistake. (SLIDE 13)


Автор благодарит Юлию Николаевну Куркову за помощь в переводе текста настоящего доклада.

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