On October 13-14 during the visit, the Faculty of Political Studies of the University of Piza organised Winter School for Eurasian Research in the Knights Palace of the Order of Saint Stephen (Piza).

The event was organised to introduce Italian university and expert community with main points of modern Russian policy on the territory of the former Soviet Union, in the Middle East, Euro-Atlantic direction and to keep the dialogue between Russia and Italy on important political issues up to date.

More than 20 representatives of political and expert community took part in the event. The event was also attended by students of the relevant profession field.

In his report, RISS Director L.P.Reshetnikov spoke on all main points of modern Russian foreign policy. Speaking on the current Ukrainian crisis he said that Russian and Ukrainian nations are inseparable, they are connected with family ties and shared history. People in Donbass do not want to change their national identity from Russian to Ukrainian. And instead of seeing into the matter, the West introduced sanctions against Russia.

«It's clear why USA are not able to understand this kind of problems – due to insular mindset, but Italy should have independent, deeper understanding of the situation. Confrontation policy against Russia is not in the interests of Europe and EU and it creates a threat for the whole world,» – said L.P. Reshetnikov.

RISS Director has also expressed his gratitude to Italy for its critical attitude to sanction policy of USA and EU.

Speaking on the Middle East crisis, L.P. Reshetnikov said that the West should have learnt that violent overthorow of the government in Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon only lead to chaos. Problems in Syria have also been intentionally created with the help of the United States. Islamic radicals were supported by USA, which wanted to create new power against B.Assad. It resulted in mass killings.

West created a number of countries near Europe that now live in chaos. People from those countries flee to Europe and they need help right now, on the EU territory. It's favorable only for those who live on the island – only for USA. And it's of no profit either for Russia or Europe. Therefore Russia took responsibility to eliminate ISIL not with words but with significant military operations.

«For Russia ISIL is a direct threat. If Syria falls, Turkey will fall as well. Turkey is a straigh way to Europe and Russia, which means we should struggle against this problem together, as against facsism in the past. We should destroy the threat not on our land, but far away from our and European borders,» – said the Director.

RISS Director also spoke on information war against Russia from western mass media in its connection with Ukraine and Syria crisis. In the end of his speech, L.P.Reshetnikov said that Russia is open for cooperation with both Asia and Europe. However Russia will not forget its millenary history to obey the country younger than our Bolshoi Theater».

Chief editor of the journal «National Strategy Issues» А.А.Kurtov spoke about Russian policy in the Caucasus, showing that Russia acts as a stabilazer and peacemaker for Caucasus nations, creating oppotunities for their development during 3 hundred years.

А.А.Kurtov emphasized that imperial policy of Russia in the Caucasus was quite different from that of southern empires – Turkey and Iran, which also had a presence in the Caucasus during several centuries. Unlike Russia, mentioned above countries considered Caucasus as hindward nothern provinces, which didn't have to be developed.

Advisor to the RISS Director S.S.Krivosheev made a report about extreme right fascist groups in Ukraine and their links with the government.

A report on the situation in the Central Asia was made by the head of the Sector for Central Asian Research Dmitry Alexandrov and the head of the Ural Regional Information and Analytical Center Dmitry Popov. The report drew attention to the risks from Central Asian region (such as terrorism, drug raffic, migration, ethnic and territorial conflicts) are mostly dangerous for the Russian Federation. That's why Russia is to pursue active policy in the regiuon, which can not be considered as expansion from Moscow or restoration of the Soviet Union. This policy is vitaly important for Russia, which remains the power to keep the region away from chaos.

Welcome speech to the participants and quests of the event was given by Paolo Nello, the Director of the Political Studies Department of the University of Pisa. He supported a proposal of the RISS delegation to create a plaftform for the exchange of opinions between Russian and Italian experts and to organise the next meeting in Moscow at the premises of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

In his report D.Cossiga (Deputy Minister of Defense of Italy in 2008-2011) said that there was no defense policy in Europe, and europeans can hardly agree with each other on foreign and defense policy, but are quick to agree with America. As a result European countries were drawn into the war with Lebanon, which doesn't correspond with national interests of Italy. Cossiga is sure that USA do not care about Syria and Egypt, but only about themselves.

In his report, А.Gianotti (the Director of the Italian Institute for Eurasian Studies) covered the legal aspect of the Soviet Union breakup, including issues on a referendum on the future of the Soviet Union in 1991 and different influences on formation of the post-Soviet space.

М.Ricceri (the Director of the Institute for Political, Social and Economic studies EURISPES) marked that globalization process had come into a new phase, which means chaos for Europe. In this case Russian efforts to create Eurasian Economic Union mean creation of a new stability base on the Eurasian continent, which corresponds with interests of the European countries.

EU has lost its chance to build parntership with Russia, since each country tried to form individual relationship with RF. Attempts of the whole Europe to build cooperation with Russia were stopped by USA and new eastern European EU member states.

Ricceri emphasized that EU sanctions against Russia are insincere, since at the same time each European country is trying to use any oppotunity to intensify trade relations with Russia.

In the end of his speech, Ricceri called for cooperation between EU and the Eurasian Economic Union.

Italian experts gave their view on further relations between Russia and Europe. Marinella Neri Gualdesi and Luca Ratti from the University of Piza marked growing authority of Russia and great changes in the system of international bonds with dominating role of USA. And now, inspite of mutual commitment, cooperation between Russia and Europe is hampered by lack of understanding and by powerful influence of Washington.

RISS delegation and Italian experts agreed on further building up a constructive dialogue.