RISS expert: US and NATO military presence destabilizes situation in Afghanistan

“Fifteen years of US and NATO military presence in Afghanistan did little to improve security and establish peace; instead they only served to destabilize the situation in the country further”, says Anna Glazova, Head of RISS Centre for Asia and the Middle East. “The production of drugs in Afghanistan grew 50-fold over this period, the Taliban have been encroaching over the land, and ISIS that the Western coalition has been fighting against has only increased in numbers from several hundred to several thousand fighters”, RISS expert remarks.

Meanwhile, the US is still concerned over Russia’s active policy in Afghanistan, and the Western countries are waging an active information campaign to discredit Russia’s policy in IRA.

In a recent display of strength, the US dropped the largest non-nuclear weapon in their arsenal, unofficially dubbed “the Mother of All Bombs”, Anna Glazova points out. This most destructive non-nuclear weapon in the US arsenal has delivered a loud but far-from-critical damage to the ISIS fighters. This action seems to have been a form of preparation for US National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster’s upcoming visit to IRA. Coming to Afghanistan several days after the bombing, he declared America’s intentions to bolster security in the country, fight terrorism and build the capacity of Afghan national defense and security forces. Apparently, bomb strikes are seen as the most efficient road to security.

Unfortunately, the consequences of American intervention in the region have been well-known for quite some time, with not just Afghanistan but many other countries being grim examples, the RISS expert, head of Centre for Asia and the Middle East Anna Glazova states. At the same time, the US is officially saying they are committed to fighting ISIS and improving the situation in the country.

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