The West doesn't allow Poroshenko to delay elections

The results of the Verkhovna Rada's discussion of the introduction of martial law in Ukraine is a serious defeat of Petro Poroshenko, RISS expert Oleg Nemensky believes. The President's initiative to impose martial law for only a month is meaningless. He also stressed that Poroshenko has the opportunity to extend martial law (this can be done as many times as necessary). In this case, the presidential elections can be delayed.

The analyst suggested that the martial law period was reduced by "shout from Washington". The USA insists that the elections must be held as scheduled. The Verkhovna Rada Deputies introduced martial law only in the areas of the country with population that is least positive about the Pro-Western regime.

Kiev is splitting the state into two parts again, RISS expert said. The population is divided into rightful and unrightful people. Even if the West makes Poroshenko hold the elections as planned and martial law doesn't last more than a month, this experience may be used again.

During martial law the authorities will restrict political activity in unreliable territories, expand their powers there, and even get the right to expropriate property. This will primarily concern the Ukrainian Orthodox Church , whose parishes are located on the territories where martial law has been introduced.

"Officially, the West condemns Russia for the incident, which served as a formal reason for the introduction of martial law. But at an informal level the West is extremely dissatisfied with the initiatives of Kiev. The main task of the West is to force Kiev to hold presidential elections as scheduled," the analyst concluded.

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