Trump pointing fingers at Venezuela due to coronavirus

The US is heating up the situation around Venezuela

The US Justice Department released charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the country's leadership, claiming that they are involved in drug trafficking. According to RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov, the US is heating up the situation around Venezuela, creating an “information springboard” for a possible military intervention in Caracas.

Trump has been keeping the situation around Venezuela tense for several months. The USA has repeatedly put various absurd accusations forth against the Venezuelan leadership and even publicly suggested the possibility of a military intervention by Brazil and Colombia, US closest allies in Latin America. The core US goal is to stage a large-scale campaign geared to topple the legitimate government of Venezuela, change regime and regain control over the country's oil reserves, Pshenichnikov underscores.

The expert wonders why the US has only now decided to use its favorite strategy in Venezuela which is to accuse the leaders of undesirable regimes for the White House of drug trafficking and other sins. Pshenichnikov recalled that previous Washington’s attempts to overthrow the legitimate Venezuelan government had failed. All military coup attempts were unsuccessful; the Venezuelan army remained loyal to President Maduro. The bid for the presidency of self-declared “interim leader” Juan Guaido has also failed as he was even unable to rally the Venezuelan opposition around himself. The US efforts to isolate Venezuela politically and economically in the region and the world collapsed.

RISS expert draws attention to an important fact that the historical moment now is forcing Trump to prepare in advance for his next move that can attract the attention of American citizens when the US leadership will fail to curb the coronavirus spread. US failures to contain the pandemic may complicate Trump's re-election chances in 2020. Trump needs a “small victorious war” to shift the focus away from his failure to defeat the coronavirus. In expert’s opinion, that’s why Venezuela can be considered by the Trump administration as the most suitable target.

The US has a rich experience of military actions in Latin America. Pshenichnikov cited as an example the serious charges of drug trafficking against General Manuel Noriega, the former military leader of Panama. Washington used these accusations as an excuse to invade Panama in December 1989. “What is happening in Venezuela right now looks exactly like the Panama events. It appears that today's US efforts to demonize President Maduro and declare him the “godfather of the drug mafia” are just propagandistic “artillery preparation” for a military intervention in Venezuela,” Pshenichnikov concludes.

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