Ukraine's language law violates rights of Russian-speakers

Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law requiring the use of the Ukrainian language in almost all aspects of public life. According to RISS expert Oleg Nemensky, this law was an attempt by Kiev to repress Russian-speakers. "Terror of Ukrainization is becoming normal in Ukraine. It is impossible to defend the rights of the Russian-speaking population. Nationalist organizations are totally unpunished. Kiev has invented imaginary Russian threats and Russian-speaking people are perceived as representatives of the fifth column. The West, which is considered as a zone of democracy, keeps its eyes closed," he said.

O.Nemensky pointed out that Kiev had been violating the interests of millions of Russian-speaking citizens in the field of education for a long time. "Europe has been ignoring Russian-speaking people. In Latvia and Estonia, for example, their rights are constantly violated at the legislative level. This situation is constantly repeated especially in those countries that have deep and friendly relations with the EU," he said.

RISS expert drew attention to the fact that the adopted law directly contradicted the Constitution of Ukraine. Article 10 of the Ukrainian Constitution declares that the state undertakes to guarantee and protect the Russian language. In addition, Ukraine's language law also contradicts the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, which Ukraine has ratified and signed. "Nationalist movements are supported by Kiev, so it is dangerous to protect the Russian language. It is unlikely Russian-speaking citizens will conduct a strong public protest," he explained. He underscored that even President V.Zelensky was afraid of Ukrainian radicals. "It is obvious that there is practically no legal system in Ukraine," he concluded.

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