Fascism blooms full power in Poland and Ukraine

Donald Tusk’s critical statements, president of the European Council, directed at modern Polish policy are nothing more than an element of internal political opposition in Poland, said RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya. “We are talking about the political struggle of the party Civic Platform and the ruling party Law and Justice. Actions of this party, assessed by the European Parliament and Tusk as inadequate, as "the Kremlin’s hand", are aimed at attracting more voters,” she added.

According to expert’s opinion, the wave of nationalism is growing in Poland and Ukraine. Procession on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of Poland as an independent nation on November 11 shocked the world, allowing some journalists to declare that Poland has already become a fascist state. Slogans of this march of independence showed an increase in extreme right-wing tendencies.

“Current governments of Poland and Ukraine are unlikely to agree among themselves on historical issues. Perhaps if there is another power with a different mindset and a different attitude to the historical past, they will be able to solve a range of issues. But now existing contradictions in historical events evolve in political, economic, and other problems”, - she concluded.

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