USA and NATO flex military muscle in Poland

Large-scale NATO's provocative military exercises, codenamed “Allied Spirit”, is set to launch on June 5 in Poland. The maneuvers in Poland are involved about 6,000 personnel from the USA. NATO stated that these massive military exercises were taking place instead of “Defender Europe 2020” that had been canceled over the coronavirus pandemic, RISS expert Sergey Yermakov explained.

In recent years, NATO has been conducting dozens of the largest exercises, such as “Steadfast Jazz” in 2013 and Trident Juncture in 2018. We were told we need to be ready for major armed conflict in Europe, Yermakov said.

Defender Europe 2020 exercises were aimed at improving preparedness for a non-nuclear conflict in Europe. An important phase of the military exercise was aimed at improving the military mobility; options for the rapid transfer of troops to the Baltic States and Poland were to be worked out.

“NATO’s biggest military drills lead to increased tension and provoke a new arms race. Moreover, this is happening against the background that the US military policy is focused on achieving total military superiority over Russia and China. In addition, the Trump administration abandons major arms control treaty. In this situation, Russia keeps maintaining its restrained stance,” RISS expert concluded.

NATO drills