G20 to consider reforming World Health Organization

The USA will face serious resistance from the G20

At the G7 summit, the USA posed the issue of reforming the World Health Organization. However, contrary to Washington's expectations, the virtual meeting participants noted that the decision on the WHO reform should be taken by the G20 group.

“It was once again confirmed that the G7 leaders are not able to solve all the problems. Moreover, they delegate their decision making to the Group of Twenty. It is expected that in the post-coronavirus space, the G20 member countries with developed economies will be leading players on the world stage compared to representatives of the old school,” RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev said.

Belyaev underscored that at the G20, US position was no longer as strong as at the G7. “The US has already shown everyone its selfish goals. Most likely, the global hegemon will face serious resistance from the G20, at least when Washington makes an attempt to become the world leader,” the expert believes.