While struggling with Russia, the USA shot itself in the foot

“Russian-American relations currently are even worse than during the cold war, and we shouldn’t expect thaw in the near future,” RISS expert Anna Glazova said.

“We are dealing with an internal political struggle, unfolding within the United States, the anti-Trump fight. And anti-Russian rhetoric in this situation is only an instrument of this struggle,” she explained.

In expert’s opinion, unproven accusations against Russia are used for unfair economic competition and as a reason for the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions. In particular, the USA is now trying to expel our energy companies from the world markets.

Thus, “fast food information” which is given to the audience by Western propagandists, will not disappear. “The world is tired of this fake news. According to the latest survey, 59% of the population in the United States believes that the news reflects the position and interests of business and political elites. In Britain the expression “fake news” was admitted the most popular phrase of the year and will be included in English dictionaries,” the expert noted.

“The Americans are losing the promising Russian market. In the nearest future they may be replaced by Asian companies or companies from the Middle East. But it will be much more difficult for them to return to this market,” Anna Glazova concluded.

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