Germany to simplify labor migration for Ukraine's sake

In the near future, the Bundestag to approve a new package of immigration legislation relating to migrants from non-EU countries and refugees who have already arrived in Germany. The laws to come into force on January 1, 2020, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya said.

According to the new legislation, a simplified visa regime will be introduced for guest workers from non-EU countries. They will have the right to come to Germany for six months, look for a job there, get or improve a qualification. The law applies to absolutely all professions. Only highly qualified specialists can get a job in Germany legally now.

The second bill will give the right to remain in the country to migrants previously denied the refugee status. If they have been living in Germany for a year, don't violate the laws and speak German fluently, they will be able to stay in the country, get a job and a residence permit.

RISS expert underscored that the laws facilitating the labor force flows not only from Eastern Europe, but also from other non-EU countries, are quite relevant now. The main reason for the adoption of these laws is the difficult situation in the German labor market. The number of vacancies is now estimated at 1 200 000. And it is obvious that German employers are very interested in the labor inflow. This situation is largely due to the demographic crisis: German society is one of the oldest in Europe, with an average age of 45 years. At the same time, the German people are not glad to see migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Nowadays, more than half of the new jobs in this country are occupied by foreign citizens, primarily from Poland and Romania. O.Petrovskaya supposed that a new package of immigration legislation will attract a lot of migrants, who are likely to come from Ukraine, which is in a socio-economic crisis.

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