Coup attempt in Venezuela stalled

According to the latest information from Caracas, the coup attempt in Venezuela has stalled, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. "American blitzkrieg has failed, there follows a protracted struggle of nerves," he added.

In his opinion, the main object of the impact both on the part of President Maduro and on the part of the conspirators and the USA is the Venezuelan army and the law enforcement. The security forces support the official authorities. N.Maduro visited a lot of military units that expressed support for him.

As for the supporters of the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido, after his Sunday calls to hold mass processions, they did not happen. Demonstrations represent only a small handful of people who walked from the National Guard headquarters to the Defense Ministry headquarters. Most of the people did not take part in the protests. The European media, which do not support Maduro, have already written about this event. This also signals that the US plans for a rapid coup are failing.

"Washington does not intend to abandon its plans to overthrow N.Maduro by any means. In the near future, we should wait for provocations that can probably cause mass protests in the country and blood on the streets," he pointed out.

"The USA is now putting a lot of pressure on Venezuela. It is already known that the US blocks the assets of the state oil company PDVSA and prohibits any US citizen or entity from buying Venezuelan oil under the threat of personal sanctions. All financial instruments that may be used by the Venezuelan government, including the state account of the country abroad, are also blocked. The Americans literally tightening the noose around Venezuela. Maduro can only count on Caracas' endurance, the Venezuelan army strength, and international support," I.Pshenichnikov said.

He recalled that the large-scale militatry exercises scheduled for February 10, will be something of a "moment of truth." The legitimate President hopes to demonstrate the unity of the Venezuelan army both to the military itself, strengthening their morale, and to external opponents, especially the United States and its closest neighbours, Colombia and Brazil, which are actively involved in the pressure on Caracas.

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