US-DPRK summit: meeting for the sake of political dividends

The fact that the US has decided to change its usual policy of intimidation and hold the US-DPRK summit is connected with the tension in Washington's domestic policy, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said. “The internal political pressure on the White House is unprecedented now. All previous US presidents started a "small war", which often didn’t end victoriously. But the current President of the United States understands that he is not able to get involved in such a conflict now,” he pointed out.

In expert’s opinion, against the backdrop of fierce criticism from political opponents, the American President needed a positive result of his actions. “By holding talks with the North Korean leader, Trump has strengthened its position among the Traditionalist wing and became more authoritative in the Republican establishment. Moreover, after such a success, the American President is not so interested in cooperation with Europe, as there are a lot of significant events that can help him to solve difficult domestic political situation,” the expert said.

“The US-DPRK summit was held for the sake of political dividends. The North Korean leader and the American President are now peacekeepers. North Korea has achieved the military potential that can ensure its security. In the future, some new statements and declarations may be signed. But there is no guarantee that the problem will not arise again. The DPRK will continue to ensure its security," RISS expert stated.

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