US sanctions impede Iran’s fight against coronavirus

US sanctions against Iran during the coronavirus epidemic displayed Washington's deceitful stance

US sanctions against Iran during the coronavirus epidemic displayed Washington's deceitful stance, RISS expert Marianna Bakonina says. "Secretary of State M.Pompeo in his Farsi tweet congratulated Iranian people over the arrival of Nowruz (Iran celebrates the New Year on March 22) and claimed that the US was ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Tehran. Washington promises to send doctors to the Islamic Republic, but this looks laughably deceitful. Tehran lacks medicines, medical ventilators, and protective suits," she points out.

At the same time, it is absolutely impossible to supply aids for Iran as banks are afraid of sanctions and do not make money transfers. All international players claim that the sanctions should not apply to critical medical supplies. But the US sanctions prevent Tehran from accessing much-needed medical supplies and drugs.

"Even Iran's regional competitors have realized that the pandemic should unite, not divide. The UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar have already sent humanitarian aid to the Islamic Republic. But Washington sticks to antihuman stance. Iran's President H.Rouhani has sent a letter to the UN. Secretary-General A.Guterres completely shared Rouhani's opinion. Guterres and World Health Organization criticized the US' inhumane sanctions imposed against the Iranian nation. The IMF is making available about $50 billion through its rapid-disbursing emergency financing facilities to countries affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Iran have already applied for $5 billion loan. Tehran has for the first time in a half-century turned to the IMF for urgent assistance. Iran is trying its best to get out of a difficult situation. What will happen next is still unknown," Bakonina concluded.

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