Macron was speaking on behalf of Europe in the USA

French president Emmanuel Macron has managed to present himself as a new dynamic European leader, able to speak on behalf of Europe during the negotiations with U.S. President Donald Trump, RISS expert Sergey SAVUSHKIN said.  “The fact is that France is the only country possessing nuclear weapons after Brexit. Having a nuclear status and pursuing an active diplomatic policy in the international arena, Macron takes the right to speak on behalf of the entire European community”, he explained.

Trade cooperation was the main topic of the negotiations. “It is well known that the Americans intended to impose duties on the supply of steel and aluminum in the United States, which hurts the interests of European companies. Macron tried to convince Trump to cancel this decision. His main thesis is that sanctions can’t be imposed against friendly countries. The warm reception for Macron at the White House has showed that Washington may listen to some proposals of Paris”, analyst said.

The Presidents have also discussed the situation in the Middle East. “The situation in Syria remains very difficult, exceptionally after the recent US missile strikes. Macron believes that the United States should not leave Syria, otherwise it will be under the influence of Russia and Iran, and the West will totally lose control of the situation”, the analyst noted. The problem of rising Iran’s influence has been also discussed during the negotiations, as it is undesirable for the West.

“Macron will visit Russia soon. He will participate as an honorary guest at the St. Petersburg economic forum. During his visit to Russia it will become clear what agreements in relation to Russia he managed to reach in the USA”, S.Savushkin concluded.

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