Turkish march to Syria's Afrin

“Turkey has launched a military operation in Syria’s Afrin, currently occupied by the Kurdish People's Protection Units. Due to the numerous diplomatic contacts Turkey was able to achieve neutral position of the key players in Syria. The USA didn’t begin to protest, even though the Kurds were the main allies of the Americans during the Syrian campaign, and because of them the USA tries to extend its military presence in Syria indefinitely,” RISS expert Vladimir Fitin considers.

As for Russia, it conducted numerous negotiations with Istanbul. For Moscow, first of all, it is important to maintain the possibility of continuing real dialogue in Turkey and not to lose the triangle Russia-Turkey-Iran, which provides contacts between the various factions of the Syrian opposition and the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. “Iran has reacted negatively to the Turkish military operation and, like Egypt, urged to stop it immediately. France in its turn declared that it is necessary to hold a special meeting of the Security Council to consider the situation in Afrin,” the orientalist noted.

According to him, if Turkey manages to conduct its military operation successfully, it may carry out a similar military campaign in Manbij. Turkey has already stated that its main goal is to build 30-kilometer security zone on the border with Syria. Syria has called it as an act of aggression and urged the UN to do anything to stop these actions,” the analyst concluded.

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