The American Destroyer in Disputed Waters: the US Attempt to “Put Pressure” on Beijing?

South China Sea tensions escalating

The American warship on July 2 entered the waters of disputed territories in the South China Sea (SCS), having caused protest from Beijing, which considers this area a zone of its sovereignty. The appearance of the US warships in the disputed waters of the South China Sea is almost regular and is an attempt to escalate tension in the area.

During the senior officials meeting on May 18, 2017, ASEAN and China agreed on a draft framework of a code of conduct in the South China Sea, which must be approved by the foreign Ministers of ASEAN and China in August 2017. It is obviously that the appearance of the American warship in disputed waters is an attempt to disrupt the agreement of the countries of the Association and China.

In addition, the world prepares for the G20 summit, which will be held on 7-8 July 2017 in Hamburg. By its provocative actions in the South China Sea, the US is trying to demonstrate to China and the world its military superiority and the ability to influence the situation in different regions of the globe.

As D. Trump has noted in one of his publications in June in Twitter, Washington is not satisfied with the actions of China in resolving the North Korean issues, considering them insufficient. Possibly, the agreements that were reached between Xi Jinping and D. Trump during the visit of the Chinese leader in the United States, did not meet Washington’s expectations. And now the United States is ready to change tactics in relations with China and try to force Beijing to act in accordance with the American interests.

Currently, we cannot talk about a military escalation of the conflict in the South China Sea, as it is not in the interests of any parties. Perhaps we are witnessing another round of increase of tension, which soon will be replaced by temporary calm. Such provocations in the South China Sea occur regularly and are focused on the constant maintenance of conflict potential, preventing the settlement of the dispute and justifying the US military presence in the region.

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