Sochi summit opens a new chapter in Russia-Africa relations

The first ever Russia-Africa summit is one of the biggest achievements of Russian foreign policy in recent years, RISS expert Alexey Andreev said. "This forum has been long awaited. Over the past five years, it was preceded by various meetings of business circles. Now Russia and Africa have a much stronger foundation for friendship. Just 15-20 years ago, it was even difficult to imagine such a high level of diplomacy," he added.

A.Andreev drew attention to the first ever meeting of the presidents of Russia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The data indicating systemic election fraud in Congo is difficult to dismiss. The West did not want an independent candidate to win in DRC. The head of this country F.Chisekedi expressed special gratitude to V.Putin for being the first to congratulate him on his victory. RISS expert recalled that the DRC is a large country and its size is comparable to the area of all Western Europe.

There were a lot of meaningful events during the forum. Russian Railways and Nigeria’s Ministry of Transport concluded memorandum of understanding. The presidents of Russia and Uganda discussed cooperation in cotton processing at the meeting. Russia is already engaged in environmental work in Uganda. Moscow is actively establishing partnership with other African countries.

Africa seeks to develop close cooperation with Russia to ensure security. The President of the Central African Republic (CAR) was speaking about the joint work with Moscow in his speech at the meeting. "Moscow saved the CAR. Thanks to our military advisers and specialists, the situation in the country has stabilized", RISS expert said.

"According to the final declaration of the forum, Russia and Africa have a long way ahead. It is planned to establish a permanent dialogue mechanism: Sochi summit will be held every three years. V.Putin is going to visit Egypt in December. There will be held a summit on sustainable development of the continent," A.Andreev concluded.

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