UN sanctions against the DPRK aggravate the situation on the Korean Peninsula

New sanctions against North Korea imposed by the UN Security Council hurt the interests of ordinary citizens, RISS expert Vladimir SVEDENTSOV said. North Korea’s economy has already shown its resilience despite the tightening of the sanctions regime. “Even in 2017, when sanctions against the DPRK were tightened, the economy grew by 3.5% due to its high resistance to external factors”, the orientalist added.

According to expert’s opinion, North Korea should refrain in the near future from conducting any nuclear or missile tests. It is necessary for negotiations between the DPRK, the Republic of Korea and the United States. “Negotiations are meaningful when none of the countries conduct military exercises or test weapons,” he stressed.

The expert hopes that the President of South Korea will be able to convince Americans to refrain from military exercises at the Korean Peninsula, at least during the Winter Olympic Games. The United States are planning to hold such exercises on January, and “what the North Korean leader would do in response is difficult to predict.”


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