The Boeing, the Mistrals and the Lilliputs of Washington

The West goes for all-out in its aggressive policy

When the Boeing crashed over south-east of Ukraine, it was already clear to any serious political analyst that it was a provocation. And that the organizer could be none other than the United States of America. Even then it was clear the situation would be further promoted to discredit, to strengthen sanctions against and to insulate Russia.

How has the investigation proceeded? Closed to Russia. Where, who or what is being investigated is unknown. But then nothing is being investigated. One or two months after the crash everything was already clear. What's happening now is the manipulation and preparation of facts and material arguments. A real creative process is on foot! That's the reason everything is secret.

But why the secrecy when the plane crashed, corpses were found and the plane identified? What's the secret of this investigation? Why is the investigation being concealed? Quite simply to prepare false evidence, false material facts and create a set-up. Of course, this work requires time and closed doors. Hence the secrecy.

The work of the so-called Investigative Commission is apparently coming to an end; the outline and content of the falsification has already been mapped out. And now its work needs to be revealed in such a way that sounds, for all the world to hear, a very weighty accusation against Russia.

Why create a tribunal without an available result? It's not clear with whom the tribunal will deal. What is sought by its creation? Because they already have the results, which they have assembled themselves. A platform is now required and has to be prepared and confirmed in advance to obtain international support. And then the slime they have collected and shaped into alleged evidence can be shoved in front of the tribunal.

These things are obvious. For us, for Russia, and especially for those fond of ruminating about cooperation with the West and the notion that we are a European civilization and should, therefore, be with the West, the only useful conclusion to draw from the situation is that we should have no truck with those countries, that we should not trust those regimes.

Look what happened with the Mistrals. There is not a single Western European country capable of taking even the most basic independent position on important issues. Everything is dictated by the United States. And yet we have enthusiasts who cogitate about an independent Montenegro. I recently heard about the dismay of some of our business people at being squeezed out of Montenegro. How can this be? President Djukanovic always says he loves Russia and yet they are being squeezed out! He can say what he likes, but he clearly follows instructions. Now Montenegro will once again support yet more sanctions because of orders given from the United States.

Everything now taking place - the Boeing, the Mistrals, the actions of the supposedly independent Montenegro (one could give a host of other examples) - comes down to just one thing. The West is going all-out in its aggressive policies. The goal is set. The Americans have always been guided by the "Carthage must be destroyed" principle. For those who don't know or have forgotten Ancient Roman history, when Rome, warring with Carthage, won a battle and Carthage made concessions, there was a senator in Rome whose habit was to rise in the Senate and say, "yes, they have made great concessions and we have concluded a peace treaty, but Carthage must be destroyed". Another battle and more concessions later, he rose to repeat the same refrain. And in the end, Carthage was destroyed. Today only its rubble remains in Tunisia.

Such is the position of the United States. They won't retreat until they achieve their goals. Or until they suffer defeat. They will continue to try to destroy Russia until they take a knock on the head. For us, this is the most important conclusion. And we must, as I have said repeatedly, mobilise in this struggle to defend our Motherland.