Even facing pandemic, NATO looking for “Russian threat”

NATO is still unable to overcome the Cold War complex

NATO defense ministers held a virtual meeting on April 15; they were focused on fighting the pandemic. Meeting participants also noted the importance of countering misinformation and deterring Russia. RISS expert Sergey Ermakov noted that they again had accused Moscow of trying to undermine the influence of NATO.

In the expert’s opinion, NATO is still unable to overcome the Cold War complex and the crisis of position of the Alliance in the changed world. Ermakov drew attention to the fact that the alleged Russian and Chinese military threat, which did not actually exist, had been actively discussed at the virtual meeting.

“Unfortunately, we have to admit that this approach makes it difficult to deal with threats like the current pandemic. At the same time, NATO decided to ignore all the positive examples of mutual aid between Russia and Italy in the fight against the new coronavirus. Instead of this, meeting participants were talking about fake threats such as cyber-attack and ‘Russia-funded’ misinformation. But all their allegations are totally unsubstantiated,” Sergei Ermakov underscored.

NATO is also preparing to face a lack of funding. “It is obvious that even if the NATO member countries try to maintain defense spending at the level of 2%, the total amount of financial contributions to NATO will still be much less than the Alliance expected,” RISS expert pointed out.

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