The US space program has become more uncertain

Donald Trump's Space Policy Directive 1 made a lot of uncertainty in future space exploration by global hegemon, RISS expert Irina Prokopenkova said.

The Directive applies only to manned space flight program. It doesn’t contain any specific information on terms or sources of financing, or even the cost of anticipated missions, but despite this it has the public support. It is only known that Obama’s proposal to send astronauts to a nearby asteroid was cancelled.

Even purpose of reaching for the moon stated in the document will require a radical revision of the NASA budget, the expert noted. The new Orion spacecraft which is developing to explore the Moon will be used in the new Moon program. However, after NASA estimated its current budget level, the Agency came to conclusion that it would be able to have only one launch of a heavy carrier ship “Orion” in a year.

Meanwhile, the American space explorers have very ambitious plans. According to RISS expert, in addition to landing on the surface of the Earth’s satellite, the United States took the initiative to build a new space station called Deep Space Gateway in the moon’s orbit. It is planned that in this project, in addition to Roscosmos and NASA, will be able to take part different world’s research centers, which will share the burden of exploration of interplanetary space.

A large-scale space program with landing on the lunar surface requires international involvement of commercial contractors. “However, the latter will be expecting funding from the budget, and it is unclear whether there is enough money for this,” the analyst concluded.

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