In his report RISS expert criticized Washington plans to create and deploy in Europe and APR the new tactical nuclear aerial bombs В-61-12, which can be used for both strategic and tactical tasks, including delivering the first nuclear strike. Compared to previous modifications the new bomb will be of higher precision, will be able to attack hard targets, and will be delivered by both modern fighter-bombers and heavy long rangre strategic bomber aircrafts.

V.P.Kozin, the author of the study «U.S. tactical nuclear weapons: reduction or modernization?» (Moscow, 2015. P. 496), marked that after being deployed in Europe and APR this bomb will become the US forward-based weapons for Russia. He also added that strategic role of the bomb increases by the fact that according to the two last NATO summits in Chicago (2012) and Newport (2014) the US strategic and tactical nuclear weapons are combined with anti missile systems and general purpose forces of the US and NATO.

According to the RISS Chief Advisor, successful strikes of the cruise long range missile of the «Kalibr» type from the Caspian Sea region on October 7, 2015 against «Islamic State» on the territory of Syria shows that this type together with other types of weapons can counter-balance both anti missile and nuclear threat of the US, created with ABM and TNW on the European continent and APR area.

Proceedings of the conference will soon be published.