NATO prepares for war in Europe

“NATO is preparing for a major armed conflict in Europe,” said RISS expert Sergey Ermakov, analyzing the report of NATO Secretary General at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly held in Warsaw. “Since 2014, the Alliance has taken some serious steps such as increase in defense spending and the development of advanced military presence. The NATO Secretary General in his report spoke about the need for further strengthening of military presence, providing mobility for military units of the Alliance by creating a so-called "military Schengen zone" and new military bases,” the analyst said.

In expert’s opinion, it is noteworthy that NATO to develop a dialogue with Russia from a position of force. “NATO analysts understand that this is useless, but the trend continues,” RISS expert pointed out.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly also focused on projecting stability in border regions. RISS expert explained that “NATO is not ready to project military force around the world and will prepare units from local forces in such countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Jordan, Georgia, and Ukraine. However, previous NATO-led operations didn’t have immediate impacts.”