RISS Director on anti-Russian statements at the NATO summit

The NATO summit in Brussels was marked by strong anti-Russian rhetoric

M. Fradkov: “Increasing tension in the world is not in anyone's interest. The desire to avoid confrontation and to create conditions for cooperation, primarily economic, is much more valuable now. We need to work together to fight the real threats such as terrorism and militant radicalism in its various manifestations.

By the way, we have a lot of potential projects with the NATO member countries. And Russia, as always, demonstrates its open, honest, and strong position. Just held telephone conversations of President Putin with the presidents of Slovenia and Hungary are visual confirmation. This is an important signal. Our country’s leadership is not going to hold grudges in response to anti-Russian statements at the NATO summit. We need to think about long-term economic benefit.

And the fact that our national interests are under the protection of the Russian armed forces has been demonstrated many times. I am convinced that no one in NATO calls into question this fact. Direct contacts with the Brussels meeting participants are always better than controversy with the official press releases.”

NATO Fradkov