USA launches anti-Chinese campaign

The US is planning to spread a disinformation campaign against China around the world

Washington's attempts to launch a disinformation campaign against China pursue long-term goals, RISS expert Sergey Mikhailov says. He noted that “in recent days, the US mass media and officials have been increasingly accusing China of the coronavirus outbreak.”

“A powerful disinformation campaign is unfolding now; it is similar to the one that took place after the US elections in 2016,” Mikhailov underscored. He recalled that Trump’s opponents had blamed Moscow for interfering in US domestic politics and elections, as well as conducting anti-American propaganda. But the investigation of this case ended up with nothing; former FBI Head R.Mueller failed to provide any evidence.

This time the Trump administration itself has called on Beijing to be more transparent over the coronavirus outbreak. The US is trying to hide its failures in the fight against the pandemic, as Trump's popularity tends to fall now. America also has a strategic interest in the anti-Chinese disinformation campaign carried out by the mainstream media. China handled the epidemic better than the US and its economy is returning to normal now. The Chinese economy was simply beating the living daylights out of the US economy even before the pandemic.

“The US is planning to spread a disinformation campaign against China around the world. The goal is to exert pressure from Western countries on the Chinese authorities. The large-scale disinformation campaign against China is becoming similar to the anti-Russian campaign in 2016 and plays a major role in American modern political discourse,” RISS expert concluded.

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