Reintegration law paved the way for Ukraine’s disintegration

The signing of Donbass reintegration law by Ukraine’s President P.Poroshenko is a critical stage of Donbass conflict, said RISS expert Oleg NEMENSKY. “In fact, the Ukraine’s authorities introduced the propagandistic interpretation of the conflict. Everything that we considered earlier as the Ukrainian propaganda now has the status of obligatory interpretation,” he stressed.

The political scientist also noted that the adopted law contradicts the Minsk agreements, as it doesn’t mean the negotiation process with Donetsk or Lugansk. Also, the new law effectively cancels the previously adopted amnesty law, as it establishes criminal liability for cooperation with the so-called “occupation authorities”.

According to expert opinion, the new law doesn’t provide any mechanisms of reunification, but only a military way – the so-called “Croatian scenario”, which is now considering in Ukraine as the way of resolving such conflicts. The expert noticed that at that same time “nobody in Kiev wants to join Donbass, especially by the military way.” This law allows legalizing military operations carrying out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this territory. Another important goal of the adoption of this law is to expand the powers of the President. O.Nemensky noted that P.Poroshenko can now freely impose martial law and use armed forces against the civilian population.

“If P.Poroshenko feels a threat to his power, he will blow up the situation in Donbass in order not to capture Donetsk or Lugansk, but to aggravate the situation and impose martial law and thereby guarantee his stay in power regardless of the next presidential election,” RISS expert concluded.

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