Why Europe is rewriting the history of World War II

Polish officials have initiated a debate in the European Parliament on the "new Russian version of World War II". A lot of Members of the European Parliament had supported Polish officials in this dispute, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya underscored. "However, some MEPs had a different opinion about Russian leadership's recent statements on the Second World War and the role of Poland in it. Deputy Chairman of the European Commission V.Yurova said that the role of the Red Army in the liberation of Europe from fascism was indisputable. Another MEP from Greece added that communism ideology shouldn't be demonized. Czech MEP K.Konechna urged not to belittle the significance of the Munich Agreement," she said.

Poland has launched a broad propaganda campaign to impose its own version of history and is actively looking for allies. The current Prime Minister of Poland, M.Morawiecki, raised the issue of common historical memory when talking to journalists and urged Hungarians, Czechs, and Slovaks to remember the post-war period of history. In that way Warsaw is trying to impose its stance on Russia’s role in WWII.

"The European Union started to revise history of the Second World War after the Eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia joined the EU in 2004. The European Union is trying to absolve itself of responsibility for aiding the Nazis and blame the USSR and the Red Army for being allies with Nazi Germany. Until 2004, the Holocaust was the main Western concept of the history. Now it turns out that the Holocaust perpetrators are becoming new heroes, and the real heroes of World War II are becoming the main culprits," Petrovskaya concluded.

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