Syria to solve the issue of Idlib

The current operation of the Syrian army to liberate the provinces of Deraa, Quneitra, and Essaouira leaves Idlib only still existing in Syria terrorist enclave, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin pointed out. "The most radical and moderate Islamists were taken to Idlib. Currently, according to various estimates, there are up to 80,000 armed bandits," he said.

The operation to clean the South of Syria from the terrorists wasn't easy at all. "Russian diplomacy and the military efectiveness achieved an agreement even with such irreconcilable opponents as Iran and Israel, holding negotiations with them concurrently. Recently, we have witnessed a lot of interaction between Russian specialists and both powers. The most difficult issue was also resolved: Israel demanded the absence of the Iranian armed forces and Hezbollah units at the border in the Golan Heights. At the moment, it seems that some agreement has been reached, and the Syrian army controls almost all the points of transition with Jordan. The situation didn't cause serious clashes between the parties," he said.

"It is impossible for a sovereign country to exist with a such a serious terrorist enclave on its territory. The main problem of neighboring Turkey is the danger of a new wave of refugees, which may rush into the country with the beginning of a new operation of the Syrian army. At the same time, the most irreconcilable jihadists may be hiding among ordinary refugees," V.Fitin explained.

The Sochi meeting between representatives of Russia, Turkey, and Iran with the UN representative for Syria Staffan de Mistura has showed serious progress in the formation of the Syrian constitutional commission. "This constitutional commission should be formed with the participation of government representatives and the most diverse opposition. It should begin its work on the creation of a new Constitution, which will open the way to elections and the formation of a new post-war Syria," the scientist concluded.

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