Referendum 1.0 - a new chapter in Spain's history

"The Catalan independence referendum, or a Referendum 1.0, as it is called in the Spanish press, will become the turning point, which will divide the modern history of Spain into two periods: "before" and "after." Unfortunately, the new period in the country’s history will be characterized by political and economic crisis," said RISS expert Anna Glazova.

In her opinion, Madrid provoked high tensions surround Catalonia referendum by its improper actions. "Repeating the mantra that the referendum will not be conducted because it can never be conducted, the Spanish leadership has not found anything better than to use force against peaceful citizens," noted the researcher.

"Police clash with civilians, of course, will remain in the Catalans’ memory for a very long time. I don’t exclude that the Catalan referendum could be the end of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s political career. Before the referendum the majority of Catalan citizens stood against the independence, after the police clash with civilians many people have changed their opinion," she added.

"In accordance with the Catalan government, it will announce the exit of Catalonia from Spain and its independence. The situation, of course, will lead to serious economic consequences for the autonomy", concluded the expert.

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