The results of the Summit of the Americas: the USA is preparing for a new round of intervention in Venezuela

RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov noted that the Summit of the Americas had been used by the United States to create the anti-Venezuelan bloc in order to increase international pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The official title of the forum is “Democratic Governability against Corruption.” Following the summit, the participants adopted “Lima Commitment.”  However, this document is only a formality. According to RISS expert, the main document of the summit is “Declaration on Venezuela” signed by the heads of 16 states of the region (among them the presidents of Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, as well as the U.S. Vice President and the Prime Minister of Canada).

This declaration is, in fact, the White House’s ultimatum to President Nicolas Maduro and his government issued as a collective Declaration of the states of the American continent. Signers of the “Declaration on Venezuela” stated that they wouldn’t recognize the results of the presidential elections scheduled for May 20 in Venezuela, if the authorities didn’t ensure “a free, fair and transparent electoral process”. The USA doesn’t recognize the fact that the electoral process is fair and transparent now. The analyst notes that the United States has achieved “international recognition and support for its efforts to overthrow the Venezuelan government”. This is very alarming situation considering the fact that earlier D.Trump didn’t rule out the possibility of using military force against Venezuela. If N.Maduro wins the upcoming presidential elections, the world should probably prepare for a “new Syria” in Latin America, RISS expert added.

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