Turkish nationalists lift spirits by Claw-Eagle operation

Ankara has started the next stage of the military operation Claw-Eagle in order to encourage its nationalist electorate with military success, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin says. The operation is being carried out in northern Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey.

Ankara has launched its military operation after PKK armed wing conducted several attacks on Turkish territory, Fitin outlines. As a result, Turkey launches airstrikes to “destroy the caves and shelters used by Kurdish terrorists”.

According to Ankara, it is ready to resume fighting after success in Libya and Syria. Fitin recalled that the Turkish government had taken control of a significant part of the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey also successfully supports the internationally recognized Government of National Accord in Libya.

As for the Claw-Eagle military operation in northern Iraq, Ankara has been practicing such actions for a long time, even during the reign of Saddam Hussein, RISS expert points out. The Iraqi government is protesting against the deployment of Turkey’s troops, but Baghdad is not able to confront Ankara, Fitin concluded.

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