Russia – Korea Relations: in the focus of the camera and in the center of expert dicsussion in RISS

Now, when Asia-Pacific region is one of the key priorities of the Russian foreign policy, the development of different contacts of our country with the Republic of Korea (RK), a major player in the region, becomes more and more important.

RISS becomes one of the platforms for the Russian-Korean multichannel dialogue, which goes not only in the line of its central office and not only in the format of traditional academic contacts.

On October 30, Eastern Institute (Vladivostok) held the premiere screening of the documentary «The Far East. Russian Dawn», filmed by the staff of the «RISS-TV» studio. The film tells the story of relations between Russia and Korea.

The film evoked a wide response from the University audience. Head of the Regional RISS Center А.V.Gubin, who also took part in the filmmaking process, answered the questions of the audience and commented on the most acute problems in Russia – Korea relations. During the ensuing discussion there was made a number of interesting parallels between modern situation in the Northeast Asia and situation shortly before the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, when the West in fact pushed Japan to war with Russia.

On November 3, RISS Moscow Office held a working meeting of Russian experts with two designated officers of the Ministry of Unification to share their views on possible development of the situation in the region.

During the discussion participants of the meeting shared their views on the reasons and resolutions of the protracted crisis on the Korean Peninsula, which led to the division of nation, and on Korean unification prospects. Russian experts expressed their confidence that only refusal of all attempts to isolate and «demonise» Pyohgyang can faciliate inter-Korean dialogue as a basis for settlement of the situation on the Peninsula.

It's remarkable that during the discussion of the role of Russia in the situation on the Korean Peninsula the experts in both Vladivostok and Moscow have come the same conclusion: factor of economic cooperation between Russia and the two Korean states created a unique historical opportunity to build peace and stability in Northeast Asia, which can not be missed.