Impeachment failure: Trump boosted his position

The Republican party positions have significantly boosted. Trump was acquitted of impeachment charge and the Democrats are now struggling to find a strong candidate to run for the upcoming President elections in this November. "Trump is more preferable candidate so far. He recovered significant ground in the upcoming elections. But the year has just begun and it promises to be exciting. We will all witness even more internal party fighting, backroom deals and mutual hostility," RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said.

He drew attention to the fact that the first Republican and Democratic caucuses had already taken place in Iowa. According to caucus results, Trump has significantly strengthened his position among the Republicans. As for the Democratic party, P.Buttigieg, a 38-year-old the first openly gay presidential candidate, suddenly emerged as one of its leaders. His closest competitor is B.Sanders. RISS expert underscored that the Democratic caucuses had become the most scandalous this time. The fresh results came after more than 24 hours of chaos after the vote counting system failed. Kravchenko pointed out that it was too early to predict that Buttigieg would become the future US President. The Democratic party can not decide yet who can realistically stand up to Trump. Trump's approval rating has risen to unprecedented 49% according to the latest opinion polls.

"The Democrats don't know what to do now. They failed to impeach the current president. There is no powerful candidate. Joe Biden came in a disappointing fifth place in the Iowa caucuses. Buttigieg is on top in the race now, but how will the conservative Latino and African-American communities react to him? America, which is famous for its political stability, is currently deeply divided along partisan lines. American society seems to be more polarized than ever," RISS expert concluded.

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