INF Treaty prevents NATO, US to put pressure on Russia and China

At the meeting of the North Atlantic Council will be taken a number of important decisions aimed at further Alliance's development, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said. There were made several statements on the increase of NATO military potential, distribution of defense costs, problems of Russia-NATO relations (Moscow was accused of undermining the transatlantic security system). The topical issue of the meeting was the INF Treaty. According to the NATO Secretary General, this is a crucial treaty, and its termination will lead to unpredictable consequences that can significantly aggravate the situation in Europe and reduce the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons.

It was US President Trump who said that he was not satisfied with this agreement and intended to withdraw from the INF Treaty. At the NATO meeting, Russia was accused of violation of the treaty, RISS expert recalled.

The meeting participants cited tests of Russian missiles 9М729. At the same time, ground tests of the sea-based Caliber cruise missile do not violate the INF Treaty. But it is the Americans who are breaking the agreement. The deployment of the US Mk-41 launching systems in Europe, which can be used to launch Standard anti-missiles complexes and Tomahawk cruise missiles, contradicts the INF Treaty. Moscow slams Washington over development of long-range strike systems (such as Predator or Reaper) and target missiles. The US, in its turn, justifies the withdrawal from the INF Treaty by the fact that it does not have enough military power to resist China.

Moscow offers to resolve the INF Treaty issue at the NATO-Russia Council. But NATO is under the US pressure now. NATO Secretary General has already stated that the Alliance in future may terminate the treaty. This could aggravate the international situation. Europeans are now seriously concerned, as for the first time since the Cold War they smelled a real military threat to their security, the analyst underscored.

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