RISS Director: British parliamentary elections finish the season of political surprises

“A year ago, the results of the EU referendum turned out as a surprise to many. The word Brexit has become synonymous with political unexpectedness. Since then, the features of a serious and profound transformation of the West political systems built on the foundation of the partisan system have clearly manifested. Probably the time has come to ask some questions about their crisis.

By the way, populism as a phenomenon requires more serious attention and comprehension. Traditionally negative pattern of perception doesn’t accommodate the diversity of contemporary political strategies. The U.S. and European citizens nowadays vote not for the party, but for the political leader’s civil position. They vote for change, for the lives’ safety, for their own interests, not willing to sacrifice interests for the sake of party identity, the effectiveness of which still needs to be proven. Political leaders go by touch in an attempt to meet the public demand. I am convinced that we can find the confirmation of this in the elections’ results to the legislative Assembly of France.

Election results are both expected and dramatic. The electorate eventually voted the Conservatives into office with a lead of 2.4 %. This fateful difference deprived the party of its parliamentary majority. It’s extremely important that such a “lame” Parliament will be able to make state decisions, to hold the negotiations with the EU, to conduct the internal and external policy of the country. Russia is interested in European stability and security. Our interests and the European citizens’ interests are the same.”

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