Why the Hindus rose in defence of the Christians

Hindus of Indian descent living in the UK have joined the discussion in the country about the role of the church in society. They oppose the disestablishment of the church.

Such a support of Christianity from representatives of a completely different religion means only one thing : today is the time to talk not about "Clash of Civilizations”, but that the traditional civilizations - Christian, Islamic, Hindu, and others - are facing the threat posed by modern atheistic liberal views. It has already taken roots in the West and threatens to destroy the traditional moral principles of humanity.

Heated debates started in the UK following an article by Prime Minister David Cameron in the Anglican newspaper Church Times, entitled "My faith in the Church of England”. In his article, the British prime minister urged to uphold the status of Britain as a Christian country, committed to traditional Christian values such as responsibility, hard work, charity, compassion, humility, and love.

We will not go into the details of the extent to which modern British society and its leaders, including the prime minister, follow these principles themselves, says Boris Volkhonsky, expert at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. Let us consider another point: the prime minister’s call to adhere to these seemingly indisputable virtues was immediately met with hostility by the representatives of the liberal community, including Nick Clegg, member of the ruling coalition, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, who called to ensure that the Queen resigned as Supreme Head of the church of England in the long run.

And now the Indians living in the country have joined in the discussion about the role of the church in the life of the UK. Anil Bhanot, Managing Director of one of the organizations representing the interests of the Hindus, said that the separation of church and state would not only undermine the foundations of British democracy, but also adversely affect the position of the Hindu community, as well as other religious minorities.

One would ask: what do the Indians care about the Anglican Church? - continues Boris Volkhonski - In fact the position of one of the leaders of the Hindu community reflects the deep nature of the processes occurring in the world and associated with the once widely advertised thesis of the inevitability of a "clash of civilizations."

It should be recalled that this thesis was put forward in the 1990s by the American political scientist Samuel Huntington and was directed mainly against Islam. It would seem that the events of the first and beginning of the second decade of the XXI century confirm this thesis . However, there is one circumstance to which the advocates of this thesis diligently turn a blind eye, and would like to hide the true nature of what is happening . In fact, what is happening today is not a clash of civilizations - Islam and Christianity, but a clash of traditional civilizations with a power that cannot be called civilization.

This force, which has established itself in some Western countries, is destroying with equal fervor the population of Muslim countries ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria; and the list can hardly be called comprehensive) and it also introduces into the consciousness of Westerners the thesis about the rejection of traditional religions, about same-sex marriage and much more. The same people are trying their best today to tarnish the image of Narendra Modi, the man who has decided to return India to its traditional foundations .

And so it is not surprising that the Hindus living in the UK stand up for other peoples’ religion. After all, the axis of confrontation today is not between religions, but between the entire traditional human civilization on the one hand, and supporters of abandonment of traditional human values, that are gathering momentum in the West, on the other.

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