Tragedy in Las Vegas – the collapse of the U.S. intelligence

A mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas showed helplessness of the U.S. intelligence in the face of threats, said RISS expert Konstantin Blokhin. "The U.S. intelligence is vast, composed of 17 distinct organizations. All of them failed to predict such a situation. It is the collapse of the U.S. intelligence community," added he.

An increasing number of such tragic events in the United States is a serious reason for the country’s establishment to think about it. "Events in Charlottesville, Boston, incidents in American schools, and the tragedy in Las Vegas have showed that the political class should concentrate on solving domestic problems instead of engaging in military interventions around the world. "It is time to solve racial and social issues. There shouldn’t be any aggressive rhetoric towards North Korea," said the analyst.

The incident in Las Vegas will most likely be used only to justify aggressive actions of the U.S. government without any change of the existing political course. "The September 11 attacks were used to justify the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and expanding government’s control over society in the field of counter-terrorism. Trump may use this terror act to fight ISIS. Moreover, the Islamic State has already stated about its involvement into this incident. It is quite possible that Congress will come up with some initiatives for a more aggressive U.S. involvement in world affairs and the strengthening of control over the American citizens to prevent future terrorist acts," concluded the researcher.

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