SPIEF brings participants together against common threats

This year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is the largest in terms of a number and composition of participants than all the previous ones, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev considers. He noted that the event had been attended by over 19,000 participants from 145 countries. In addition, a record number of agreements was signed: 650 contracts worth 3.1 trillion rubles.

According to M.Belyaev, Chinese and US delegations were the largest at the forum. The Chinese delegation was headed by General Secretary of the Communist party of China Xi Jinping.

RISS expert pointed out that China and Russia "speak with a single voice on forming a common space in the Eastern hemisphere." This common space will be consolidated. Technological, social, and economic development will move there. The world balance of power is also changing. These processes should be understood instead of denying them.

The forum also carried out discussions around the urgent problem of gas transit through Ukraine. Chairman of the Board of Gazprom A.Miller took a step towards Kiev and offered reasonable gas prices. Regarding Belarus, the meeting of the working group on integration and the transition to a single currency was announced on June 20.

"The speech of Russian President V.Putin set the tone for the event. Forum participants underscored the need to prevent the war of all against all. Some countries mistakenly believe that they are allowed everything and unilaterally dictate their terms to other countries. However, the economy has already become global and interdependent. The current forum was held under the motto of solving geo-economic problems together," the analyst concluded.

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