XI Jinping focuses on achieving China’s dreams

“Strategic plan for the development of socialism with Chinese specifics, proposed by XI Jinping at the XIX CPC Congress, focuses the country on achieving the Chinese dream and the revival of the Chinese nation,” said RISS expert Konstantin Kokarev.

“Undisputable leadership of the Communist party of China and attraction of people to state management are among the most important provisions of this plan,” – added RISS expert. “Now we see that these ideas were included in the Charter of the Communist party as XI Jinping’s ideas," said K.Kokarev, stressing that such a personification of ideas took place for the first time since Mao Zedong.

“It shows the authority of the current leader, his ability to control and organize all the huge amount of work in the interest of the implementation of the Strategic development plan,” said the scientist.  “The Congress declares the intention of the Communist party of China continue to pursue a policy of strict control. This means consistent work on the further strengthening of party discipline and taking strong measures to curb its possible violations,” he concluded.