The Sochi summit brought new hope for stability and peace in Syria

Meeting of the presidents of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in Sochi completed a brilliant cycle of Russia’s diplomatic efforts on the settlement of the Syrian conflict, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin said.

Starting with the organization of the Astana’ site, de-escalation zones, a series of bilateral meetings of presidents, Foreign Ministers, General Staff Chiefs, Defense Ministers, Russia acted as a center of crystallization and the main moderator of the whole process. Russia has shown how professional can be not only its armed forces, struggling with ISIS, but also its diplomats.

Vladimir Fitin noted some acute problems which the political elite of this country and its allies should resolve: “First of all, it is the future of the de-escalation zones. It is also unclear what will happen to Idlib, which is actually in the hands of the terrorist group Tahrir Al-Sham now. What is the destiny of President Assad (some Western countries and Arab leaders still require his withdrawal)? The Kurdish question also remains unresolved, as we cannot ignore their contribution to the victory over the terrorists. There are still acute problems of the humanitarian aid organization and deployment of foreign armed forces on the territory of the country without official permission.”