The Russian-Korean round table was held in RISS

A round table on topical issues of the Asia-Pacific region and Russian-Korean bilateral cooperation was held on 26 July in RISS together with the Korean Institute for National Unification (KINU).

The Korean side was represented by different experts: Hong-Wu Tek, Hyun Seung-soo, and others. RISS  was represented by head of the Centre of Asia and the Pacific Region K. Kokarev, Assistant Director A. Dudar, head of International Economic Organizations sector V. Kholodkov, research fellows V. Svedentsov, I. Komissina, Y. Cryachkina, M. Zelenkova.

Members of the Korean delegation stressed the importance of developing trustful inter-state relations as a basis for settlement of situation on the Korean Peninsula. The so-called “new approach” of the new administration of South Korean President Mun Jae-Ins opens certain possibilities of a constructive solution to the problem of relations between the Korean states and the denuclearization of the peninsula in the future. As Russian experts noted, the settlement of the situation in the Korean Peninsula should proceed by stages on the basis of simultaneous freezing of DPRK’s missile and nuclear program.

Summing up the results of event, Russian and Korean experts stressed the interest of both parties to further development of institutions’ bilateral cooperation with a view to scientific and practical support of efforts of Russia and Kazakhstan on the creation of conditions for peace and sustainable development in Northeast Asia.