Ankara and Damascus need to establish dialogue

Some Kurdish units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) can make a deal with Damascus and may even become a part of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), RISS expert Elena Suponina said. "Moscow is calling for direct talks between the Kurdish administration in northern Syria and the government in Damascus. The United States is ignoring the Kurds, so the talks between the parties will be more substantive," the political scientist added.

Turkey's Peace Spring Operation entails risks of great tension in the region. The expert recalled that Syria's army had moved swiftly to the north of the country. "The more territories return under Syrian government control, the better it will be. Ankara should understand that there are 'red lines' that can not be crossed," she said.

The US troops, which had been deployed in these regions, failed to eliminate terrorist groups. The USA claimed that the north-eastern Syria was occupied by ISIS terrorists. "The US is right that there remain terrorists. There are also 15 prisons and displaced persons camps controlled by the SDF before Turkey launched a military operation. Military actions have led to growing unrest in the region. A lot of extremists are hiding among refugees and terrorists escaped from the prisons. Establishing a direct dialogue between Ankara and Damascus is the easiest way to reach a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria. The countries have common economic interests and a common goal to fight against terrorism. They need to negotiate," RISS expert underscored.

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