Trump's impeachment threatens global diplomacy

An impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is now the most important issue for the domestic political agenda of the United States, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said. "Democrats have sought to impeach Trump since he entered office. An interesting fact is that the impeachment inquiry now focuses specifically on Trump's call to the Ukrainian president. Ukraine is becoming a bargaining chip in the inter-American political game," he added.

Trump, when he was still a presidential candidate, was hoping to smear his political rival Joe Biden with the help of Kiev. But there was not sufficient evidence to investigate Joe Biden or Hunter Biden according to Ukrainian law. Now Democrats are trying to start this investigation against the Head of the White House.

According to the full transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine President V.Zelensky, the American President seemed to be very diplomatic, RISS expert underscored. This dialogue doesn't match the anti-Trump rhetoric that presents him as a bad negotiator.

In expert's opinion, global diplomacy is in the crossfire of Donald Trump’s impeachment battle. "The talks of the two world leaders have been released. This means that now people do not trust the authorities anymore. The main democratic institutions are weakening. People are now demanding to release Putin-Trump's transcripts of talks. The cornerstone of the global diplomacy, such as personal conversations between world leaders, can be lost," the analyst said.

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