RISS expert participated in the Fifth Swiss-Russian forum in Zurich

Head of the Group of Advisers to the RISS Director Vladimir Kozin made a detailed report on the Fifth Swiss-Russian forum on August, 24 on the theme: "War or peace – what is the future for Europe: new arms race or détente 2.0? New phase of the Cold War and enhancing of the European security". The event was attended by the representatives of business and political circles of Switzerland and Embassy of the Russian Federation in this country.
Vladimir Kozin and Wolfgang Koydl, editor of the weekly magazine "Weltwoche" (Zurich) Vladimir Kozin and Wolfgang Koydl, editor of the weekly magazine "Weltwoche" (Zurich)

In his speech, using specific examples, Kozin stated that the initiator of a new phase of military confrontation of the Western countries with the Russian Federation is the USA and its closest allies, whose purpose is to strengthen their military positions under the pretext of heightened tension in several regions of the globe, especially in Europe and the Middle East, which they provoked by themselves.

V. Kozin has criticized Washington's position on the issue of antimissile defense, strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, weaponization of outer space, and its negative attitude towards a possible solution of the question on limiting conventional weapons in Europe. According to the RISS expert, in 2014-2015 United States with the support of its NATO allies actually unleashed a new phase of the cold war. The expert noted that such a dramatic situation needed to be fixed by the collective efforts of all those states that appreciate stability and sustainable socio-economic development without wars, conflicts, and interference in the internal affairs of other countries. "We should initiate the diametrically opposite process – a new détente 2.0," said Kozin.

He stated that in order to do that concerned parties had to organize a new Conference on security and cooperation in Europe. Currently it is impossible due to some objective circumstances and subjective reasons, but it doesn’t mean that this idea should be abandoned once and for all.

Naturally, the realization of the idea to convene the next Conference on security and cooperation in Europe, for example in Switzerland, will require considerable efforts from all European states, and not only from Russia and Switzerland. The main purpose of such forum can be identified as to how to cease military and other type of confrontation imposed from outside on the European continent, as well as how to normalize commercial and economic ties, to restore a broad-based people-to-people contacts, expanding the tourist, cultural and scientific exchange between the European countries.

According to the RISS expert, we should conduct outreach activities of the Russian diplomatic missions and domestic media in foreign countries, especially in those states where the western propaganda apparatus imposed on the public an extremely unfair and completely unproven thesis about "aggression" of Russia.