Warsaw begins the great game

According to RISS expert Oleg NEMENSKY, conclusions of the Poland's commission investigating the circumstances of the 2010 Tu-154 Smolensk plane crash are the beginning of a great game for the development of the internal political confrontation in the country to fight with the main opposition force and a further deterioration of relations with Russia. “We need to prepare for the new aggravation of relations. Moreover, the commission is headed by former Minister of National Defense, Antoni Macierewicz, who is known for his radical Russophobic views,” he explained.

It is obvious that the statements of the investigating commission are primarily aimed against internal political enemy of Poland. The main opponent of the current Polish government is the party “Civic platform.” There is a dangerous situation, when the ruling party “Law and Justice” builds a far-right state. “If it eliminates its main political opponents based on the findings of the commission, it will be an absolute hegemon of the entire political life and Poland will become an autocratic country,” the researcher said.

RISS expert noticed that the charges in the crash would be related to Russia, as an alleged accomplice of this mythical terrorist act. This fact will only worsen difficult relations between Moscow and Warsaw. “However, some biased arguments of the commission are not sufficient to raise all these issues at the international level. I highly doubt that Poland will be able to present evidence in numerous European courts. In this regard, it will definitely strengthen internal confrontation in the country, where is already a tense situation because of the conflict of Poland with the European Union and Germany,” the expert concluded.

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