Ukraine elections: candidates betting on Western support

It seems that P.Poroshenko has a plan to maintain his power regardless of the election results, RISS expert Oleg Nemensky said. "Perhaps a coup attempt is being prepared. Poroshenko didn't even conduct an election campaign that would be aimed at earning the sympathy of the majority. The current President stated that he wanted to win the election by knockout. The question remains will he really do it", the expert pointed out.

He noted that the struggle before the election runoff was conducting not for the votes, but for oligarchs' favor. In his opinion, the electorate has already decided whether to go to the elections or not and which candidate to vote for. RISS expert predicts Zelensky's victory by a large margin.

However, Poroshenko unlike his opponent "is fighting not just for power, but for life". If he loses power, he will lose his property and freedom. That's why the oligarchs' support is very important for him. For the time being, majority of the oligarchs are clearly going to negotiate with the Kolomoisky team.

O.Nemensky underscored that both candidates were actively negotiating with the main centers of the Western power. In this regard, the role of external influence on the country is increasing. The probability that the Ukraine President will attempt a coup depends on whether it is approved by the West.

"Even if Zelensky wins, no fundamental changes in relations between Russia and Ukraine can be expected. Kiev's policy will remain the same as it was under Poroshenko. Moreover, Zelensky may be more Pro-Western and radical person," RISS expert concluded.

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