USA getting stronger in Poland

The US, Poland status of forces pact is very important for Warsaw as part of deepening cooperation with Washington, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya underscored. "Extending military cooperation with the US, the Polish government clashes with the EU but at the same time is trying to appease the White House. President A.Duda's visit to Washington and his signing of the Declaration on US-Poland military cooperation have clearly demonstrated this," she added.

Under this declaration, US to send 1,000 extra troops in Poland. About 4,500 US soldiers have already been deployed there on a rotational basis. US troops will not be deployed to one military base (the Polish infrastructure is not ready for this), but they will be dispersed throughout the country. The declaration also indicates the US will establish a division headquarters and a combat training center in Poland. According to the Declaration, the US military troops will be strengthen with additional armored vehicles. Also, a new airfield will be built and a new squadron of the reconnaissance drones will be delivered for US soldiers.

For the US, such an agreement is a great way to sell its weapons. Poland has already confirmed the conclusion of a contract for the supply of HIMARS missile launchers for country's army. Polish Ministry officials have said that Warsaw might purchase two squadrons of F-35 Lightning II jets, consisting of a total of 32 aircraft. During A.Duda's visit to the White House there were held demonstration flights of this aircraft, said RISS expert.

She noted that the Declaration was also devoted to US-Poland ideological issues: friendship between two countries, common history, military cooperation. The agreement is conceived as a strengthening of NATO military bases in Poland. NATO Secretary General J.Stoltenberg has already approved the treaty. According to Trump's statement, the transfer of additional troops to Europe to fulfill the agreement would not be necessary. The troops will be deployed to Poland from other Western European countries.

"Duda has also signed a lot of other agreements: contract for a nuclear power plant construction and supply of liquefied gas. Poland apparently aims to stop importing natural gas from Russia after 2022. Warsaw is seeking to earn President Trump's approval," RISS expert concluded.

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