The IX International Young Political Scientists School of CIS countries has opened at RISS

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies with the support of the CIS Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation is hosting the IX International Young Political Scientists School “Integration Processes in the Post-soviet Space: Problems and Prospects”  from April 2-8, 2017.

RISS’ leading research workers with extensive scientific and practical experience will hold a series of lectures and round tables for the School participants. The main workshop topics will be: development prospects of integration projects in the post-soviet space; external factors shaping the CIS countries policy; development of the economic potential, including the transport integration within the Eurasian Economic Union; influence of Western countries and China on the CIS countries policy; the historic policy and the international relations of the commonwealth countries, and other important topics.

Every year young scientists from the CIS countries come to Russia to discuss current trends in international relations and establish contacts in the expert scientific community. Among the School graduates are more than 100 young professionals, including scientists, economists, historians from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Armenia, Moldova, Russia, as well as students of Moscow Universities.

The opening of the International School was held on April 3, 2017. The work on social formation and development of young generation is RISS’ strategic objective. RISS Director M. Fradkov addressed to all meeting participants with a salutatory word and noticed that the International Young Political Scientists School, organized in RISS, is particularly relevant in the context of the World Festival of Youth and Students which will be held in Sochi in 2017.